Rental conditions

Basic Information about the Local Renting Conditions

In the Slovak Republic you can rent apartments or houses from private owners furnished or unfurnished. The size of apartment is described according to the total number of rooms not only bedrooms (living room, bedrooms, guest room, study room, ...). Studio can include also a separate kitchen and a separate room. The smallest type of apartment is "garsonka", a small studio, with "all in one", one room with a kitchenette and small bathroom.


Fully equipped kitchen usually involves fridge, freezer, microwave, stove and oven. In a modern kitchen there is also a built in dishwasher. Washing machine (rarely also a dryer) is usually part of a kitchen or a bathroom. It is not common to have a separate laundry room. There are bathrooms with a toilet but most of them have a separate toilet room. In the bathroom you can get a shower cabin or a bath tub, bigger apartments might offer both. New modern apartments usually offer an open plan kitchen with a living room. Furnished living room usually includes sofa and a TV set. TV signal can be arranged either by cable TV (UPC), Magio (TCom) or satelite (SATRO, etc.). When negotiating with a provider it is recommended to choose a package offer with fast speed internet. Most apartments offer landline connection enabling arrangement of a high speed internet.  You can arrange internet also from mobile providers (O2, Globtel, T-com).

Internet and TV is usually not included in the payment to landlord and it is paid directly to provider by Tenant based on his choice. 4expat agency can assist you with contacting providers.