Health care in Slovakia

Emergency numbers: 112, 155

When contacting the emergency line specify:

  1. what has happened – situation, number of patients..)
  2. location of the event (address)
  3. who is calling (name and phone number)

Find general information on the Slovak health care system :


Health insurance

Under the Slovak Constitution every individual – a citizen or a foreigner – staying in Slovakia has the right to be provided with the necessary health care. You have the right to choose your own health care provider. Health insurance is mandatory for all Slovak citizens and those having temporary and permanent residence permit. All health insurance companies issue the European Health Care Insurance Card to their clients. Most services are provided free-of-charge or subsidized by insurance. For communication in English we recommend you to try the private sector.                                                                                                                                                                                            Additional information about medical care and health insurance in Slovakia:

Health insurance companies

Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa




Health care centers in Bratislava

Old Town, Milosrdni bratia,  Nam SNP 11, 02/57 887 111 (operator)

Ružinov: +421 2 48234 111 (operator), emergency: 02 482 79 257

Kramáre: +421 2 5954 1111 (operator), emergency:

Old Town, Hospital od St. Michal, Satinskeho 1: tel: 421 2 3261 - 1111

Petržalka, Antolska: +421 2 6867 1111 (operator), emergency:

Old town, Fakultna: +421 2 57290 111 (operator), emergency:

NOVAPHARM, Zelezničná nemecnica, BA I,  ŽNaP, Šancová 1, 832 99 Bratislava Tel.: +421/2/2029 4095 Fax: +421/2/2029 4095


Private health centers


Pro Bios



Poliklinika Mlynská Dolina

Poliklinika Mýtna


Pediatric clinics

Pediatricians according to location

Health specialists

Children´s hospital Kramáre Limbova 1, 833 40 Bratislava, tel: 421-2-5937 1111 (operator)


English speaking pediatricians

Dr. Katarína Šimovičová, BA I, Mýtna 5   tel: 0917671388

Dr Anna Gibalova, Petrzalka

Dr Viera Cakanyova, Petrzalka

Dr Randikova

Dr Marta Grmanova

Dr Patricia Goldenberg

Dr Gabriela Stellerova


English speaking General practitioners:

MUDr. Tibor Hlavaty, Mytna:   tel: 421 905 61 77 21 (text message only)

MUDr. Peter Liptak, Dobrovičova 117,   tel 421 903 440 016



Bratislava - list of medical doctors and dentists in emergency service

Nemocnica Ruzinov          tel: 421-2- 391 432 05

Petržalka, Strečnianska         tel: 421-2- 622 509 44