Public transport

Public transport

Bratislava has a rather thorough system. There is no subway system but the whole city is neatly covered by buses, trolleybuses and trams. There is always a stop no more than a couple of minutes on foot even in the most distant parts of the city. In the center you can usually choose more than one means of transport so you don´t lose much time waiting. All necessary information is available on the official page, including schedules, a planer and various maps:

It is not advisable to travel without a valid ticket. There are various options to get the ticket:

  • Paper ticket available at newsstands or vending machines which needs to be properly marked immediately after boarding the vehicle
  • A prepaid card bought either at specific store or online
  • SMS ticket

The parking situation is difficult but not impossible. The closer to the historical center, the more advisable it is to leave the car at home and choose a different means.

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Taking a TAXI


Bratislava does not have a long tradition of using bicycles as a means of transport but it more and more young people are discovering it and lately it has become rather fashionable. Considering rush hours or full buses it is convenient to use a bike. Here are some tips for you to keep safe:

  • There are few bicycle tracks and their quality is questionable so do not rely on them. You are free to use the road and as long as you respect the rules of road safety, you will be fine.
  • Always wear a helmet and make sure you are visible by wearing reflexive strips on your clothes and bike.
  • Be cautious. Keep in mind that not all car drivers are used to bicycles and might not give way to you even if they should. Try to predict the traffic situation.
  • Don´t leave your bicycle without a good lock, not even in your building.

There are many good shops but few rental places in Bratislava. For a second-hand bike you can try or

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