Living in Bratislava

General facts

Bratislava with its ca. 370 km2 and ca. 425 000 inhabitants is the biggest and most populated city of Slovakia. It spreads out on both sides of the river Danube and is strategically located only 80 km from Vienna, Austria and 200 km form Budapest, Hungary.

As the capital of the country it offers a great social, cultural and professional diversity. Worthmentioning is its natural wealth with forests, lakes and city parks. A large number of residents commute from other regions, which is why the city´s population grows during the week and lowers at weekends. It also keeps attracting more and more expats seeking education and professional growth. The size of the city is its great advantage. There are numerous business centers, shopping malls and all kinds of entertainment and it generally takes a walk around the center or ca. 20 minutes-drive from more distant areas to reach them.

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