Payment conditions

MONTHLY PAYMENT for the rent - is a summary of a basic RENT price for the property use, the cost of UTILITIES (house management cost, energy consumption), parking, connected Internet and TV. Numbers shown in description of the poperty on this website are valid for a long term rent (min 1 year). Rental price for a shorter period might be recalcuated by landlord and can be higher. Total monthly rent is paid monthly or quarterly, upon agreement with the owner, and always in advance.

The first payment of the monthly rent to the landlord is to be done at the time of signing the contract together with Deposit.

DEPOSIT - serves as a guarantee to the Landlord in amount of 1 - 3 monthly rent amounts. It serves as a guarantee to the Landlord and it is returnable at the end of the rental period if everything is OK. It can be used to cover landlord's entitlements during rent period based on the rental contract conditions. Deposit is paid at the time of contract sign.

COMMISSION = service fee is payable to the agent (usually in amount of one month´s rent) - also at the time of signing the rent contract.


More details about possible monthly cost

UTILITIES = summary cost of the house management + energy consumption (water, electricity, gas) + services + parking is usually paid as a lump sum advance and it is reconciliated based on invoice from provider and the real consumption of tenant, min once a year. Cost of utilities depends on the type of property, its size, age, etc. and is different in each place. Utility cost is paid on top of monthly rent. 

MONTHLY RENT  in the center of Bratislava  

studio / 500EUR

1 bedroom place / 600 - 1200 EUR,

2 bedroom place / 850 - 1400 EUR,

3 bedroom place/ 900 - 2000EUR

Renting a house 1000 - 4000EUR

(price is calculated and set up by the owner based on condition of the property, location, size, furnishing, view, parking possibilities, demand, etc. 

CABLE TV and INTERNET is usually arranged extra, based on a separate contract between the tenant and provider. The cost depends on the choice of service, cca 10-38EUR/month.